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"What makes this different than any other network is the fundamental connection of PALS membership is their love for the animals"
- Tommy D

Valerie Heffron

After years of running Elephant Networking for over a decade she facilitated 100's of events and often with a focus on animal welfare.
Valerie Heffron
South Carolina

Tommy DiMisa

As TheNonProfitSectorConnector, Tommy D is always looking for opportunities to connect with others - A major boon of PALS is Tommy adopted Cheeto, a rescue puppy!
peacock, feathers, beak-8440548.jpg
Tommy D
New York

"You have never Networked like this before"
- Valerie Heffron

Here's Why People Love P.A.L Society!

People must begin to understand the value of their own voice and their own vote. PALS leadership has the experience to continue to develop changemakers in the community through their work. This community provides a platform for people to engage in making changes in their own world to improve the lives of animals and humans alike.

Diane Madden – Animal Advocate

I watch Professionals & Animal Lovers Show (PALS) regularly and I find the show be both informative and entertaining.  The guests featured on the show are always interesting, and I find it refreshing that people of varied backgrounds and interests can bond over a common love of animals.  Val and Tommy are excellent hosts and terrific animal advocacy ambassadors.  Proud to be a viewer and supporter.  

Rae Arora – Commercia Realtor

Simply put, PALS brings people with a love & concern for animals together! What a wonderful concept! Compassion for others is a solid foundation on which to build relationships. I’m proud to be a PALS member. 

JoAnn Cave

Senior Humane Policy Leader – the Humane Society of the United States

To say that PALS has positively impacted my life AND how I view my animals would be a gross understatement! I NEEDED to learn more personally for my pets.  I WANTED to learn more about how to assist animal organizations. I HAD to learn more about what I could do as a realtor to ensure pet safety in case situations arise. (And they have!) 

PALS taught me how to think differently and act differently when it comes to health, well-being, and advocacy of animals. I have been afforded the opportunity to meet and speak with inspiring, compassionate amazingly intelligent individuals who give voices to our furry, fluffy, scaly family members.  PALS acknowledged people who are doing the right things for the reasons for those who cannot.  Whether it’s a networking event, or a podcast or a Townhall meeting, I have always walked away from these events and members of this unbelievable group of people feeling as if I have given back and supported causes in a way that I would never have thought I could do on my own! Thank you for this opportunity to become a better mom, realtor, and philanthropist! “When you know better you do better!” – Maya Angelou

– Danielle Gangemella

Taylor Licensed Real Estate Salesperson I Cofounder, The YOLO Strong Foundation

PALS has been incredibly beneficial to me and my company. We tune in with agreement that we just love animals and wildlife- and as such, we like to pop in to find out what’s going’s on in our local neighborhood and communities, who’s making big waves and changes, who are our neighbors? I watch and learn a lot from other like-minded people that not only dedicate a huge chunk of their heart to furry friends in need, but also to get business done across Long Island that can bolster that passion. I never knew so many people had this dream until Val and Tommy introduced me to the best kept secret- and it isn’t news 12 (no offense NJ Burkett!) It’s getting the information relevant to me and my life from the people who have the most dedication and commitment to the cause. I encourage anyone who currently has any job or position with any company anywhere- to get involved, even if it means adding the show to your nightly catch-up routine to your long day. You’ll be surprised how much you see yourself in the show. And who knows? Maybe you’re already doing something fantastic to further love for our wildlife- you might just be asked on as a guest to tell the world. We want to know; it’s why we’re watching! 

 Jenny Neilsen – Marketing Coordinator -Contour Mortgagex

My reasons why PALS has been such a positive experience for me….

When I think of PALS and what it means to me, the words that come to mind are…

Education, awareness, optimism, and hope

  • Education: I thank PALS for continuously teaching on a variety of topics from proper pet nutrition to anti-puppy mill legislation.
  • Awareness: PALS is a positive forum for professionals and others that allows all to meet and exchange ways how to be active in their own professions and yet make a positive impact in the area of animal advocacy.
  • Optimism: Valerie and Tommy inspire us all to keep moving forward in the good fight for our furry and not so furry friends. 
  • Hope: In this aggressive angry violent world, PALS reminds us that there are many of us like-minded people. out here that can make a difference in the future health and wellbeing for pets and their owners. 

Donna Fiorelli Law Offices of Donna M. Fiorelli, P.C.

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